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Davey Crockett

Grounded in the old school with a flow like the voice of a Titan. With words that are felt not just heard. A true MC with a grasp on the culture of hip hop and mad respect for the game. With a sound of his own, Davey Crockett will leave his mark on the world of music here and abroad.

" Davey Crockett was born and raised in James Creek, SW Washington, DC. A ten year veteran to the local hip-hop scene, is a published author and accomplished artist. He"s appeared on several mixtapes in the midatlanic region, including being a live vocalist in a local Go-Go Band. Some of his independent releases under his label and Spankass Productions are "Represenin", "No Pricetags", the "City of A Million John Waynes" compilation vol.1 and 2, the Diamond District Cartelprojects and now "All These Years" due in 2013 under Equinox Music.

Young Dai

Young -Dai is a native of Georgetown South in Manassas Virginia where he began his music career as a young kid rapping in the kitchen.  As he evolved his skill he began “Battle Rapping” during lunch while he was in middle school.  After building a successful reputation as one of the best battle rappers in school Dai decided to begin recording himself. When Dai’s mother Sam realized he had talent she began supporting his career by searching for studios around Manassas to help develop his sound.  Dai took full advantage of the opportunities to record that his mother found for him and went to the studio every day after school.

Young Dai along with his cousin Dolo was discovered by Equinox Music Group in the fall of 2013 by mentor Dirty Bill and has been working on releasing his album.  He recently had his first live performance opening up for Young Moe and Ru at the Redzone Grill in Fairfax.  Dai is focusing all his time and energy on his music career and is ready to burst onto the music seen with his EP and feel’s he has a “hell of a story to tell” to the world of hip-hop and his fans.  Dai’s favorite artist is Drake and model’s his music after him but admits he has is own style and is very versatile.

Dolo is another artist on the EMG label that’s a native of Manassas Virginia.  He started his young career at the age of 15 free-styling in his aunt’s kitchen with his cousin Young Dai and it wasn’t long before they started recording themselves on a PC with a mic using Protools.  Dolo has spent the last couple years of his career perfecting his original style and flow.  His favorite artist is Meek Mill but is inspired by Chief Keef because he has shown young people that you can be success in the music industry at any age.  Even though Dolo is inspired by Mill and Keef he boast that he doesn’t, “sound like no body but Dolo” and works hard to differentiate himself from any other artist.

Dolo’s first live performances was at the Redzone Grill in Fairfax opening up for Young Moe and Ru and showed that he is not shy of the stage at the young age of 17  and is looking forward to showcasing his MCeeing ability more in 2014.  Dolo’s goal is to achieve prominent success in the music industry before the age of 21.

"P-Soup isn't that thug that will make you feel invincible when you play his CD. P-Soup isn`t that one hit wonder that will drop a phat single then disappear from existence. P-Soup isn`t that underground mc that will shine to the true Hip-Hop fans but never get due props for his material. P-Soup is that mc that will help restore Hip- Hop to it`s original form and help us all remember it`s aboutthat one word a lot of us have forgotten...representin`."

The Virginia native, born as Ahmad Nakiell Johnson adopted the name "P Soup" in 1989 after hearing "aint no half steppin" by Big Daddy Kane for thr first time.   P-Soup aka Ahmayzin, was born in Union City, GA, but his family relocated to VA when he was a year old.  "Home sweet home..", says P Soup about his home town Reston, Virginia. Back by older brother and highly respected producer Justice, P-Soup has become a well respected local artist in the VA area. Since meeting such successful artists as Montell Jordan, DMX, Naughty By Nature and Missy Elliot to name a few as well as working with MYA, Soup feels he has what it takes to take the industry by storm. P Soup wants to restore Hip Hop to its original form and show these newjacks what an MC is supposed to be.

Since he began writing in 1989 Soup has gone through a multitude of groups and crews but none seemed to have the flavor and ear-catching sound of what he has been able to develop as a solo artist. "...I knew I had a sound and a delivery that can be successful in 1995 when people locally were coming up to me I didn't even know, giving me props...im not one to brag on my own material, but when I kept playing my tracks over and over I new I had something to offer..", adds P Soup. Every artist goes through there frustrations especially in this industry, but Soup always finds a way to remember who he is and what he is capable of. Its only a matter of time before labels and fans find out who the "Suburban Legend" really is. "Suburban Legend", a shell and a concept created by Soup, due to his longevity (20 plus years rhyming) and his local status. "..MC`s from the Burbs arent glorified I guess cause we arent from *the hood*...I aint mad, its all good I just want to get my spect due..."-explains Soup.  Soup wont give up until the world has heard him. Then he will ultimately prove he is the "Untouchable" "Suburban Legend".

Virginia Trouble

Gus Johnson “Virginia Trouble” is a native of Reston Virginia and grew up in Foxmill (AKA Stonegate Village) with his parents and younger brother Lamont.  Gus was introduced to the streets at an early age as Stonegate was notoriously known for its drugs and violence at the time. Trouble credits the environment as a result of his families hardship but used his experiences with the harsh realities of life at an early age as a motivation to do something positive with his self; It was at this point when he turned to music as an expressional outlet. 

Growing up in the 90’s Trouble was inspired early on by groups like, “ABC” Another Bad Creation and Kris Kross and was later influenced by The Notorious BIG, Tribe Called Quest and WuTang so he began to write.  Trouble credits his style of flow to the artist he grew up listening to and stays true to his Hip-Hop roots with his music.  Trouble uses the art of story telling when he writes music and his content is based around the facts of his Childhood and adolescence.  Unlike most mainstream artist with similar stories from the city Gus feels his story is a little different as he experienced the best of both worlds growing up in Reston (the Street Life and the Suburbs). Gus admits that he may not be from the city but “it ain’t where you from it’s what you been through.” Trouble wants to be an inspiration to all his fans that can relate to his story and has a spiritual message for them to “put God first,” he also believes he is different because he writes with the intent to accomplish success and not to glorify the negativity of the streets.  Gus’s goal is to achieve financial success through his music to provide for his family.
Johnny Quest

Johnny Quest was born and raised in Reston Virginia, naturally, being the son of P-Soup and the nephew of “Big Jus” he was born into a musical family and followed in the footsteps of the family business.  Quest grew up watching his uncle record his dad in his Grandparents basement and was influenced by their sound and work ethic but the impact on his career as an artist wasn’t immediate.  One would guess that Quest started recording at the time he could talk but he actually didn’t discover his lyrical abilities until his Junior Year of high school.

Quest kept his talents a secret from the family while he developed his sound but it wasn’t long before he realized the best producer in the area is his uncle Jus so he reached out to him. “Big Jus” has been developing Quest as a true artist for the past couple of years and showing him the roots music.  The wisdom of the music game has been passed down to Quest from his uncle and Dad and it shows in his music as he is a true student of the game.  Quest has the experience of a seasoned veteran MC at the early age of 19; it’s refreshing to hear the roots of Hip-Hop come out of someone so young.    Quest admits that his family gave him his foundation in Hip-Hop but compares his sound and style to that of Kendric Lamar and J. Cole.